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Gyms in Brooklyn

There are hundreds of gyms in Brooklyn that offer a place to exercise and work out. They can be found in almost any neighborhood, and many are open 24 hours a day. These often include state-of-the-art equipment that makes it easy to tone muscles and lose weight. Improvement of muscle tone and increasing muscle mass, or bulking up, are traditional goals of of the body builder that are routinely practiced at a fitness club.

A there are a number healthy ways to work out, including swimming, boxing, weight lifting, running, racquet ball, and more. Gyms that offer weight lifting usually have a variety of weight machines for exercising groups of muscles in the legs, arms, chest, and back. Strength is built up over time, because too much lifting at too fast a rate tears more muscle fiber than the body can quickly repair. When this happen, muscles are "strained," with an excruciating burning pain that is not easily relieved.

Health clubs often aerobics classes where the benefits of working out go way past being able to curl a larger barbell or shoot better basketball. Aerobic exercise benefits include a reduced amount of the bad type of cholesterol, and a lower risk of heart disease. The person who practices aerobic exercising at least three times per week also has better lung function and more stamina. Burning off calories is a great way to help fight the battle of the budge and get rid of those extra pounds. Carrying too much extra weight around can lead to increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. These illnesses often can be avoided by staying in shape and keeping the weight to within the recommended guidelines for one's height and body build.

Some gyms offer martial arts instruction. One of the first things students learn is the importance of self-control. This is emphasized by all competent instructors, as the person with skills that can break legs and crush skulls must be in control of himself at all times. Not only does one learn self-control, but one attains a higher degree of self-confidence upon learning to defend them self. Women who have been raped are often engaged in the classes, learning the basic skills to evade or subdue an attacker. They learn that evading is preferred over subduing, as it is very difficult to subdue a larger and much stronger opponent. But in case they are not able to evade, they learn the skills of how to fight back and not be a passive victim.
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